Well Being

Author: Tom Rath en Jim Harter

By the time you finish reading this book you will have a better understanding of what makes life worthwhile. Well being goes beyond money. There are five areas. Career Well being, Social Well being, Financiel Well being, Physical Well being and Community Well being.

ISBN | EAN: 9781595620408

Theory U

Author: C. Otto Scharmer

What we pay attention to and how we pay attention is key to what we create. With an open mind, open heart and open will you will discover that life has a lot in store for you.

ISBN | EAN: 9781576757635

The Artist Way

Author: Julia Cameron

This book gives you a way to deal with your writers block. Start by writing daily a few pages and your inspiration will come. We have many things and issues that block our creational flow. This book shows you possible solutions on how to deal with that.

ISBN | EAN: 9789060384824

Awaken the giant within

Author: Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins shows you a way how to take control, change your believe systems. You can make your own blueprint and find your pathway to power. The power to achieve and get what you value. You will get thrilled to excel!

ISBN | EAN: 9780743409384

7 Habits of highly effective people

Author: Stephen R. Covey

Learn about your circle of influence. How to manage your life. Try to understand someone before you want to be understood. You can use this book to make you life so much easier. You can adapt the knowlegde in all aspects of life. In business, in relationships anywhere. Easy to read with many good examples.

ISBN | EAN: 0743269519

Yes but what if it all works out?

Author: Bertus Gunster

A mindblowing book on how to look at life another way. Is the glass half full or half empty? This book shows you another option. Ask yourself where is the tap? You can always look a different way at an issue. With many examples it makes it easy to learn how to be positive.

ISBN | EAN: 9789022993774

Screw it, let’s do it

Author: Richard Branson

Partly biographical but lots of stories that tells the story of Sir Richard Branson. How did he start of and what are his plans for the future. All examples show an insight in his life but gives you the opportunity to see that being successful comes easily. You just need to have a nerve and go for it!

ISBN | EAN: 9780753510995